Scott & Melissa

Melissa and Scott met in 2010.  After dating long-distance for almost a year, she decided to make the move to Hawaii and they immediately immersed themselves in the magic of "the land."  Melissa moved in (if it's possible to "move in" to a tent) with Scott on his north shore property.  At the time, he was working as a renewable energy developer and learning everything he could about the complexities of off-grid development.  Melissa was working in video production and spent all of her spare time working on, and gaining an appreciation for the piece of dirt that she and Scott eventually developed into an off-grid, environmentally responsible, food-producing property. Think: Melissa rocking the bulldozer while Scott engineers the solar.

After finishing construction on the house, they realized they yearned for adventure beyond the land so they invested in a catamaran and sailed from California down to the South Pacific, where they've been ever since.

Just your average, everyday lifestyle, right? But it's not just what they do that makes Scott and Melissa remarkable: it's the way they do it. They focus on creativity and exploration in an attempt live a more mindful, healthy lifestyle.  They believe enthusiasm is infectious and want to share this passion with others.   


 I like the term adventure; it's relative, it's dynamic. What constitutes an adventure is different for everyone. For me, adventure is the excitement that comes from being out of my comfort zone, embracing the unknown. I like being pushed beyond my limits. It makes me feel alive. Living on Kaimana has been an amazing adventure in every sense of the word: plans change every day and we let curiosity be our guide. Out at sea, we are completely immersed in our natural surroundings and more in tune with the elements.

I feel like I have always been a curious explorer. After graduating with a degree in Biopsychology, I moved to Australia on a solo mission with an action-packed agenda. Shortly after returning to the states, I was cast on a Discovery Channel show called Out Of The Wild: Venezuela. Nine of us were dropped in the Venezuelan jungle and left to find our way "out of the wild."  I learned a lot about patience, mental strength and the energy that I could draw from my natural surroundings.  We were constantly on the move and food was very scarce, but I'll never forget the strength I felt just by keeping a positive attitude and the synergy that came from our teamwork.  It was an amazing, eye-opening experience and I was hooked on that energizing feeling.  That challenge also opened my eyes to a new potential job opportunity.  The film crew was also roughing it on this amazing adventure (obviously to a much lesser extent) and I liked the idea of working on the other side of the camera.   Shortly after, I was able to secure a job on the crew of Survivor and worked with them for 5 seasons of shooting  in Samoa and the Philippines.   I really enjoyed the challenging work while traveling.  Since then I've worked on various independent films, tv shows and most recently, professional surf contests in Hawaii and the South Pacific.

Scott and I started our partnership in Hawaii and that will always feel like home.  Digging in the dirt and watching things grow is very rewarding.  This time on the boat has given us a much greater appreciation for the ocean and we have learned that just as the land will always give back, so will the sea, as long as we protect it. The ocean is always moving, always changing, and full of surprises. 

We are learning more every day and with every weather forecast and map analyzed, fish caught, squall weathered, impeller changed, anchor dropped and sunset shared, our partnership grows stronger. 


It’s not everyday that the boat shakes with the crack of thunder at five AM.  But when it does, I am happy that Melissa leaps out to survey the situation, making sure everything is in order.  There is no shortage of work to keep things afloat while at sea, and a balanced partnership is the glue that keeps our adventure moving forward in a positive direction. 

I have always been drawn to the sea and the effect it has on me has molded my personality and directed my life choices.  As a child I remember my father constantly moving towards and into the ocean, wether by boat, surfboard, kayak, or though free diving.  I wanted to spend as much time as I could in and around the sea so I could enjoy it and respect it like he did.  Growing up 45 min from the closest beach meant that every hour spent in the sea or on the coast was cherished and not to be taken lightly.  Once I was old enough to call my own shots it seemed like I was helplessly magnetized to mother ocean.  

I knew the moment I met Melissa that life was going to change. Since then, we've been through so much: we lived  in a tent while building and developing our off-grid home in Hawaii, then transitioned to life onboard Kaimana. We're now 12,000 nautical miles further and even more inspired.  We strive to find balance in life and encourage others to do the same though experiences that challenge an individual at his or her very core.  Live outside of your comfort zone, so you can truly LIVE. 

So here we are, living on and in the sea.  Constantly in awe of her beauty and continually humbled by her majesty.  We want to share our experiences to motivate others to get into mother ocean,  experience it, respect it, and protect it.